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PAR Methods

PAR uses a variety of methods. Some of the common methods include:

  • surveys
  • participant observation
  • interviewing
  • mapping
  • diagramming
  • group work and discussions

Innovation in method is a feature of PAR projects as researchers and participants experiment with different techniques. For example:

  • Photovoice – for example, Alice McIntyre (2008)provided Instamatic cameras (one black and one white) to a community group in Belfast and invited them to tell a visual story of their daily lives over a 9 month period.
  • Participatory video – for example, the work of Insightshare.org

Some References and Resources

Institute of Development Studies Participatory Methodologies

McIntyre, A. (2008). Participatory action research. Los Angeles: Sage Publications.

PRIA – Participatory Research in Asia – an Indian based NGO with over 25 years of experience of participatory approaches.





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