PAR & Org Change

How might PAR be used to bring about organizational change? PAR is often associated with community change and, less so, connected specifically with change within organizations. However, Jenny Cameron, 2007, argues that the ‘liberatory’ potential of PAR can occur when PAR is conducted for and with organizations (see post). Greenwood et al (1993) also propose that PAR offers a way to study and transform organizations and is reflected in examples such as Street and Meister’s (2004) study of a participatory approach to implementing change in a small business. What though, if any, are the particular challenges of PAR to deliver organizational change?

Work in progress!

June 14th

Some posts that might be helpful…organizational PAR, organizations,

Some references

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Street, C. T., & Meister, D. B. (2004). Small Business Growth and Internal Transparency: The Role of Information Systems. MIS Quarterly, 28, 473-506.


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