PAR: A theory of possibility in Belfast and Connecticut

Probably one of the best books I have read so far on PAR is this latest book by Alice McIntyre*. In the hour it takes to read it is possible to gain theoretical and practical insights into PAR as McIntyre draws on her experience of two PAR projects – one with women in the Monument Road community of Belfast and the other with students in an inner-city school in the US.

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PAR in Organizations: A Small Business study

I am fascinated in exploring how PAR might be applied within organizations and outside its traditional domains of development, education and health. What does PAR look like within, for example, a business? One example is seen in the work of Chris Street and Darren Meister* who used PAR in helping a small business manage change.

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This is a journey….and you are welcome to participate!  The purpose of this space is to investigate Participatory Action Research (PAR) and to assemble resources, both theoretical and practical, for those involved in researching and managing organizational change.  I am initially working within a tight deadline – I have the month of June!

Any help much appreciated!