What is PAR?

Some of the questions around PAR include….

  1. What is PAR?
  2. What is the difference between Action Research & PAR?
  3. Is PAR really research?
  4. How can PAR be evaluated?
  5. Where is PAR taught and studied?
  6. What are the ethical issues associated with PAR?
  7. How much Participation is needed for research to be called PAR?

What other questions on PAR do you have? Write them in the box below and I will try and incorporate them in the site. Many thanks!


3 Responses

  1. what is the difference between conventional research and PRM/PAR

  2. Thanks for your question – sorry for the delay. I think the best page to check out is here – where I directly tackle this question. I hope this is helpful. Cheers, Graham

  3. It would be great to correspond with you directly. I appreciate your PAR wordpress site and found this site through that one. I hope to spend time on our PAR site soon. Please also visit:
    Please share the link widely. Thank you.

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